Storm Services

  • Tree Removal
    • Trees will be removed off of your dwelling by a licensed professional and hauled away.
  • Debris Removal
    • Glass and structural materials will be removed or contained in a dumpster to maintain the safety of your property and your family.
  • Electrical Masts
    • In partnership with your power company and DCR will provide a certified electrician to repair/replace your electrical masts so your power will be restored.
  • Protective Board-up
    • Board up occurs after a disaster where windows, doors, or openings have been compromised and need to be secured and weather protected to prevent further damage.
  • Temporary Roof Cover
    • Roof damage will be covered to prevent further water intrusion into the interior of your property.
  • Temporary Fencing
    • Temporary fencing protects and secures the site from “site-seers”.
  • Water Extraction
    • Using specialized equipment water is removed from hard surfaces and carpeting.
  • Reconstruction
    • Rebuild your structure and return as much of your personal property as possible to its original state.

Water Damage services